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#1 -French Ultramarine
#2 -Alizarin Crimson
#3 -Light Red
#4 -Raw Sienna
#5 -Naples Yellow
#6 -Winsor Yellow
#7 -Winsor Blue

[ML] - Mauve Lilac = #1+ #2
[PG] - Pale Green = #6+ #7
[MG] - Misty Green = #4+#5+#8
[LG] - Leaf Green = #4+#6+#7
[HG] - Hazy Green = #4+#7
[FG] - Forest Green = #1+#4
[DG] - Dark Green = #4+#6+#8+#10
[GB] - Grey Brown = #1+ #9

NOTE: Image size is 15cm x 11cm when downloaded and printed via a graphics program ie. paint or photoshop. Printing via a browser may produce a smaller image.
Pass mouse-pointer over the image, to see notes on sky application.
(NOTE: Please allow 2nd image to download by keeping mouse-pointer over the image)
( see high resolution image of final stage ) file 332K
( see A4 image of final stage ) file 149K
Instructions to paint stage 2 are being written

Fundamental rule for application of the basic washes.
Be quick using as few strokes as possible to cover the area being worked on.
Planning the painting:
Mentally paint the picture before proceeding - analyse the source picture above - and be aware of the colour mixes you are about to apply to each area, try visualising the result. Will the brush you are about to use carry enough colour - is the mix strong or weak? Try it out first on your trial-pad!

Mix pale washes of Naples Yellow, Light Red, Winsor Blue. Apply clean water first, adding the colours wet in wet. Tilt board allowing wet colours to run and achieve angular direction down to 3rd line of hills; [see rollover-image above] - Allow to dry.

Hills behind the Castle:
To give the impression of low cloud in a few places, apply clean water to distant hills just below pencil line [check image]. Apply [hill mix1] down to closer hill line - and while still wet, apply [hill mix2] allowing the colours to merge at the pencil line, bring this colour down over the left side of the castle, which will form the shadow.
[hill mix1] Far hills.
Mix Ultramarine and Crimson ie. [ML] - add a small amount of Raw Sienna.
[hill mix2] Closer Hills.

Repeat the above [hill mix1] and add a weak mix of [PG]

Fir Trees.

Medium strength mix - of ref:[FG] Using a full brush bring this colour down past the rock line - while still wet add. . . [rock mix]
Medium strength mix - of ref:[ML] with a little Raw Sienna added (which is a similar colour to hill mix1)
Into this add medium strength mix of Raw Sienna . . . . continue into Loch reflections.

Water - Loch reflections.
Extend Raw Sienna down adding [rock mix] and [FG] softening edges to create required contrast with foreground. Allow to dry.

Apply [rock mix] take care to create contrast with the Loch reflections by leaving thin white areas, as can be seen on the left, or soften with water, as on the rock at the right. Apply [FG] for the grass adding [ML] while wet to give a suggestion of heather,. leave white strips either side of the left hand rocks. Allow to dry. A wash of Light Red over the two white strips will add warmth to the foreground.

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