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#1 -French Ultramarine
#2 -Alizarin Crimson
#3 -Light Red
#4 -Raw Sienna
#5 -Naples Yellow
#6 -Winsor Yellow
#7 -Winsor Blue
#8 -Cerulean Blue
#9 -Burnt Umber
#10-Paynes Grey

[ML] - Mauve Lilac = #1+ #2
[PG] - Pale Green = #6+ #7
[MG] - Misty Green = #4+#5+#8
[LG] - Leaf Green = #4+#6+#7
[HG] - Hazy Green = #4+#7
[SG] - Shadow Green = #1+#4
[DG] - Dark Green = #4+#6+#8+#10
[GB] - Grey Brown = #1+ #9
[WG] - Warm Grey = #3 + #8

NOTE: Image size is 15cm x 11cm when downloaded and printed via a graphics program ie. paint or photoshop. Printing via a browser may produce a smaller image.


Secondary application.
This should be quick using as few strokes as possible, allowing parts of the earlier colour application to show through as highlights, in the areas being worked on.
Planning the painting:
Mentally paint the picture before proceeding - analyse the source picture above - and be aware of the colour mixes you are about to apply to each area, try visualising the result. Will the brush you are about to use carry enough colour - is the mix strong or weak? Try it out on your - trial pad!

Distant trees and hillside shrubs.
Medium strength mix of Hazy Green [HG] - while still wet add rich mix of Shadow Green [SG] Allow to dry.

Dry stone walls.
Apply a medium strength mix of [GB] allowing the top of the wall to remain untouched producing the highlight effect of coping stones.

Barns Stone Walls.
Medium strength mix of [GB] add a little of #8 apply allowing highlight shapes of undercolour to show, while still wet add a little water.
Cottage & barn roof.
Apply a medium strength mix of [WG] allowing highlight strips of undercolour to show, while still wet add water, also add a little #8 near the top of the roof. Create a contrast between the small barn roof and the cottage roof by adding a little of #1.

Detail in the Cottage Windows.
Apply a medium strength mix of [WG] leaving the wall recess as blue shadow
, try to leave thin strips of undercolour,
suggesting window frames. When dry apply touches of darker colour for added interest.
Cottage & Barn Stone Walls in shadow.
Rich mix of [GB] apply under the eaves of the barn soften bottom edge with wet brush. Also apply to gable end of cottage leave window dry and shadow side of chimney stacks. Apply also to shadow side of small barn.

Trees behind the cottage.

Mix rich greens: [DG] gives a spruce tree green, use for the tree at the rear, apply leaving highlights and allowing the shape of two trees in front to become apparent.
Mix #4 and #8 for the two front trees, apply leaving highlights, add touches of [DG] while still wet to give added interest.
The High-Res image of this picture is 1027x756pixels and will take 3minutes to download!

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