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Pebeo masking Fluid (45 ml) approx £4:
Sometimes called drawing gum, or liquid frisket, it is available from most art shops and can be bought online from Great Art -click on the image (left) to visit their site.
A liquid with gray pigmentation for masking areas of work needing protection when watercolour is applied in broad washes. Composition: rubber/ latex pigment.

Pebeo masking fluid's consistency is thinner than most masking fluids which allows a variety of tools to be used including hinged ruling pens, gillott pens, tooth brushes and watercolour brushes. When using a watercolour brush apply generously, if the fluid is applied too thinly it is very often difficult to remove.
If this is the first time you have used Masking fluid, a little practice before you apply this to your finished drawing will be worth the time taken, after you have finished your trial let it dry and apply a few colour washes over it, then let the colour dry totally before removing the Pebeo.
Never apply the fluid to damp paper and never try to remove it from damp paper.
Remove it by rubbing your fingers over it. Try it out on your - trial pad!

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  Also available from Ken Bromley Art Supplies  

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