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#1 -French Ultramarine
#2 -Alizarin Crimson
#3 -Light Red
#4 -Raw Sienna
#5 -Naples Yellow
#6 -Winsor Yellow
#7 -Winsor Blue


[ML] - Mauve Lilac = #1+ #2
[PG] - Pale Green = #6+ #7
[LG] - Leaf Green = #4+#6+#7
[GB] - Grey Brown = #1+ #9
[WG] - Warm Grey = #3 + #1
[CG] - Cool Grey = [WG] + #1

NOTE: Image size is 15cm x 11cm when downloaded and printed via a graphics program ie. paint or photoshop. Printing via a browser may produce a smaller image.
also see black and white photograph

Hi-res BW photo

Application of the basic washes.
This should be quick using as few strokes as possible to cover any area being worked on.
Planning the painting:
Mentally paint the picture before proceeding - analyse the source picture above - and be aware of the colour mixes you are about to apply to each area, try visualising the result. Will the brush you are about to use carry enough colour - is the mix strong or weak? Try it out on your - trial pad!

Mix very pale washes of Naples Yellow, Light Red, Winsor Blue, apply as wet in wet. Allow to dry.

Distant Trees.
For distant trees use[PG] - while still wet add [ML]. Allow to dry.

Main Tree.
Foliage use[PG] while wet add [LG]. Allow to dry.
Cottage Roof.
Medium strength mix - of [WG] for chimney and ridge tiles - blend in [CG] for main area of roof.

Cottage Stone Walls.
Medium strength mix - of ref:[WG]

Dry Stone Walls.
Medium strength mix - of [WG] for coping stones - leave slicks of white blend in [CG] for main area of walls.

Shrubs around cottage.
Raw Sienna, Winsor Yellow
Apply Raw Sienna - while still wet add [PG]

Grass Below Cottage Wall.
Apply Raw Sienna immediately below stone wall - while still wet add [PG]


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