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#1-French Ultramarine
#2-Alizarin Crimson
#3-Light Red
#4-Raw Sienna
#5-Winsor Yellow
#6-Winsor Blue
#7-Burnt Umber
#8-Paynes Grey
#1+ #2 = Mauve Lilac- ref: [ML]
#5+ #6 = Pale Green - ref: [PG]
#1+ #7 = Warm Grey - ref: [WG]
#1+ #5 = Dull Green - ref: [DG]
#3+ #7 = Dark Terracotta - ref: [DT]

First application:
Apply clean water to the sky, being careful to leave some areas dry. Apply weak mix of Naples Yellow for clouds add wet in wet weak mix of Light Red, introduce Winsor blue sparingly. The dark clouds are a mix of French Ultramarine and Light Red introduced wet in wet.
Also use the same mix as the sky for the puddles in the path. Allow to dry.
Mix of Ultramarine and Crimson -
ie. [ML].
Apply wash of #4 (Raw Sienna) into base of horizon hills which should still be wet, extend this wash down adding wet in wet washes of the following three separate colour mixes ie.[WG] [PG] [DT] to the bottom of the sheet, adding [DT] charged with #3 for the track, carefully omitting the puddles. Allow to dry.
NOTE: Image size is 15cm x 11cm when downloaded and printed via a graphics program ie. paint or photoshop. Printing via a browser may give unsatisfactory results.
Second application:

Apply wash of #4 to the distant field, charge it with [PG] repeat in the next field but instead - charge it from the left with [DT] and from the right with [PG] leaving a strip of untouched original colour below the hedgerow. The cottage roof is pale #3 - allow to dry before applying the the wall shadow which is pale #1 The foreground field is a series of horizontal washes (either side of the muddy track), using [PG] charged with #3 : #4 and [DT] allow to dry - add detail using #7. The track ruts are emphasised with [DT]
Third application:

Apply wash of [WG] to hedgerows, charge with #7 : #3 and [PG]. Apply [DG] to the foliage area of the trees in a radial pattern leaving dry paper to remain as thin branches, charge this, liberally, with [ML] #3 and #7.
Finally add detail ie. cottage windows & shadow under eaves; fence posts; tree trunks and branches, and foreground vegetation using a dark colour perhaps [WG] laced with #1. also include deep shadow in the foreground using strong mix of [ML] laced with #8

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