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#1 -French Ultramarine
#2 -Alizarin Crimson
#3 -Light Red
#4 -Raw Sienna
#5 -Burnt Umber
#6 -Winsor Yellow
#7 -Cerulean Blue


[ML] - Mauve Lilac = #1+ #2
[RG] - Rich Green = #4+#6+ #7
[GB] - Grey Brown = #1+ #5
[DG] - Dead Grass = #4+#5
[SP] - Stoney Path = #4+[ML]

NOTE: Image size is 11cm x 15cm when downloaded and printed via a graphics program ie. paint or photoshop. Printing via a browser may produce a smaller image.
The Hi-res image is twice this size!
also see Hi-res version 64K - 17.4cm x 24cm

Hi-res version

Application of the basic washes.
This should be quick using as few strokes as possible to cover any area being worked on.
Planning the painting:
Mentally paint the picture before proceeding - analyse the source picture above - and be aware of the colour mixes you are about to apply to each area, try visualising the result. Will the brush you are about to use carry enough colour - is the mix strong or weak? Try it out on your - trial pad!

Mix very pale washes of Raw Sienna, French Ultramarine, apply as wet in wet. Raw Sienna wash down to the cottage. Allow to dry.

Distant Pine Trees.
For distant trees use[ML] - while still damp add several pine tree shapes using stronger[ML]. Allow to dry.

Main Birch Trees.
Leave white paper

Medium strength mix - of [GB] for chimney and ridge tiles - blend in [CG] for main area of roof.

Hedgerow Trees.

Medium strength mix - of Burnt Umber

Using [DG] [ML] and [RG] complete the foreground leaving white paper for the puddles.
Introduce a little Light Red to the rising ground on the left when the other colours are dry.


HR high res images are 500 x 678 pixels
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