Welcome to the member's preview page:  here you will see photographs of scenes or designs I intend to use as future class projects.
Below are several thumbnail images please click on an image to see a larger version.
I will keep adding interesting images to this page during the coming months to keep you informed of projects I will be working on.
Don't forget to view this page during future visits to the site.
Places I intend to visit for photo opportunities include Carmel mission near Monterey, also Forest Hill
where there is a fabulous looking arched bridge over the gorge.
Locally known as No Hands Bridge, so named because it used to have no handrail (officially Mountain Quarries Railroad Bridge).see Flikr Page photo
This late afternoon in January scene is of two men fishing at the San Juan rapids on the American River. A few miles east of Sacramento.
The colours are still reminiscent of late Autumn
This scene is on the American River parkway. A few minutes walk from my house, several miles East of Sacramento. The California poppies are starting to show their April gold amongst the rocks all over this part of the parkway. This scene is of Bourne Cottage Empire Mine Historic Park , Grass Valley, in the Sierra Nevada foothills.
This scene is late morning in March, and is of a Great Blue Heron fishing at the San Juan rapids on the American River. This design is based on a photo of seahorse and kelp taken at the Monterey Aquarium.
It will be an excellent opportunity to show how masking fluid can be used to great effect
This scene is late morning in March and is the trail I take, while walking our dog to the San Juan rapids on the American river

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