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#1 -
#2 - French Ultramarine
#3 - Winsor Blue
#4 -
#5 - Raw Sienna
#6 - Light Red
#7 - Burnt Umber
#8 - Naples Yellow
#9 - Winsor Yellow

[LG] - Light Green = #2+ #9
[ST] - Stone
= #2+ #7

cw refers to the term "charge with" meaning to introduce a colour into a still wet colour.(Wet-in-wet)
sm refers to the term "small amount"

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St. Peters Church Broughton


Application of washes.
This should be quick using as few strokes as possible to cover any area being worked on. A minimal amount of brush-strokes equals greater purity and translucency of colour.
Planning the painting:
Mentally paint the picture before proceeding - analyse the source picture above - and be aware of the colour mixes you are about to apply to each area, try visualising the result. Will the brush you are about to use carry enough colour - have you mixed enough colour - is the mix strong or weak?
Try it out on your - trial pad!

Mix washes of #3 : #8 and a weak #6. Apply #8 as shown and quickly add #3 allowing the colours to merge. Do not stir the colours together as this will create a green sky. Add the weak wash of #6 as shown.
Use your trial pad to make sure you have mixed the colour correct strength.

Mix a medium strength wash of #7 add #2 until the above colour is achieved.
Have a little #2 medium strength
also mixed separately.
Apply the Stone colour quickly do not allow it to start drying, now cw a little #2 at the base of the tower - wet-in-wet - you can see the desired effect above.

Mix a little of #5 medium strength.
Mix some #9 medium strength add #2 until a green similar to above is achieved. Mix a little #6 slightly stronger than that in the sky.
Apply the #5 wash imediately below the church, introduce your green mix into the #5 area and continue down to the bottom of the sheet; now cw the #6 mix as shown


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St. Peters Church Broughton
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