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the new idea of 2 halves of a full size image 14 x 10½ inches .

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Drawing notes: Though all your grid lines should be drawn very lightly, the grid lines in the snow area should hardly be seen at all.
Try tracing the image on to your watercolour paper.
Using masking tape fix the printout to a suitable window and position your 11x 7½ watercolour paper over the image, fix in place with masking tape. Trace as required. This method is so convenient and fast, producing two or three drawings to practice on is a very good idea. Also now included is 2 halves of a 14 x 10½ inch sheet, that when fixed together can be used to trace the image to a ¼ imperial sheet of watercolour paper.(15x11inches).

A few general notes:
I usually recommend a medium or soft pencil, 1B keep it sharp and using only light pressure you will be able to draw a clearly visible line. But when using masking fluid I find that if a soft pencil as been used, the graphite will adhere to the fluid when it is removed, It therefore would be preferable draw with HB pencils when masking fluid is going to be used if you do not wish to loose pencil line.
Mentally paint the areas contained by your pencilwork i.e. the areas that form the background, the snow and trees, etc. If you find that some parts of your drawing are difficult to understand compare that area with the above drawing making the necessary corrections.
Areas that need masking fluid application:
As you can see from the top sketch parts of the snow need to be white paper
to give the effect of sunlight striking parts of the snow on branches and the feeding post.
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[ My photograph of the owl is also available in a PDF format ]
The UHR pictures are usually at least 1200 x 900 pixels and approx 400 to 720KB
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